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Job Descriptions:

- To assist in developing the audit plans for units assigned:

  • Identify and assess risks relevant to the activities under in order to establish the audit plan
  • Ensure audits are conducted in accordance with the internal audit’s requirements, methodology and appropriate standards prescribed by Maybank.
  • Prepare the audit work schedules which include objectives of the audits and budgeted man-hours.

- To perform audit engagements and complete the tasks within given timeline: Perform audit testing for the sessions assigned within the fieldwork timeline as planned.

- To assist Head of IA in reviewing team member’s working papers to ensure adequacy of coverage and findings supported and consistent with Audit’s standard: Review the working papers to ensure that the working papers are adequately support the audit observations, conclusions, recommendations and to ensure that audit objectives are achieved 

- To ensure timely finalization and submission of audit report:

  • Review and discuss the audit findings and recommendations with auditees to ensure that they are consistent with MKEV and Maybank Group’s business objectives.
  • Use professional judgment to determine whether the findings are significant enough to be reported.
  • Ensure that the responses provided by Management are relevant and relates to the audit issues.

Qualifications & other requirements:


  • Bachelor in Economics, Finance, Banking, Accounting, Auditing…
  • Adequate certificate of professional qualification in securities and securities market by SSC (at least complete two (2) certificates in Basic Securities Market and Law on Securities)
  • Experience: 5 years++ experiences as Internal Audit, External Audit, Compliance, Internal Control, Risk Management, preferable in Financial Services Industry. 


  • Advanced computer skills on MS Office;
  • Proven knowledge of auditing standards and procedures, laws, rules and regulations;
  • Possess strong analytical and problem solving skills with good verbal and written communication and interpersonal skills.
  • Good communication, presentation and negotiation skills;
  • Able to work well under pressure to meet tight deadlines;
  • Able to successfully coordinate and work well among team members and inspire others to take initiative and use intuitive thinking;
  • Fluency in English written and oral.

Candidates are invited to submit your application by email to: 



Job Descriptions:

- Lead and coordinate the entire processes of issuance of covered warrants by MKEV from end to end, ensuring MKEV is a qualified issuer for covered warrants at all times.

- Collaborate closely with stakeholders including internal stakeholders, external legal counsel and relevant regulators and coordinate the required due diligence work in the preparation of the required submission documents.

- Prepare templates and regulatory submission documents and ensure the documents are properly reviewed by the required parties.

- Planning the timeline to ensure delivery of regulatory submissions for covered warrants are done in timely manner.

- Undertake regulatory submission documents and all the necessary documentation required for the listing of covered warrants to regulatory bodies such as State Securities Commission, Stock Exchange of Vietnam and Vietnam Securities Depository.

- Responsible for making required announcements on the stock exchange and reporting to relevant regulators in relation to covered warrants in order to fulfil an issuer’s obligations.

- Making sure the completion of due diligence documents, conditions precedents and compliance checklist are completed and all documents are properly documented with supporting documents.

- Daily checking of announcements on the underlying assets in issuance during the life of the covered warrants and where reporting is required, prepares the necessary announcements including adjustments to the covered warrants.

- In charge of the computation and payment of the required settlement amount to warrant holders upon expiration of the covered warrants.

- Proactively keep up to date with the regulatory development in the financial markets.

- To execute all internal and regulatory reporting including regional reporting requirement

Qualifications & other requirements:

- 3 years of working experience in banking and/ or capital markets. Experience in the field of corporate finance or legal work is an added advantage.

- Proficiency in English, both written and verbal

- Organized and meticulous with good attention to details

Candidates are invited to submit your application by email to: 



Job Descriptions:

- Develop and oversee execution of strategies and plans to build the Institutional Equities business in line with the organization’s strategies and goals

- Develop customer, product and channel strategies, including identifying new markets, products and business opportunities

- Liaise with key clients, key leaders within the Group & Country, as well as regulators to explore and develop strategies to build the institutional equities business

- Oversee rollout and implementation of business initiatives of institutional customers

- Advise and support country CEO and country business heads on development and execution of country-specific strategies and business plans

- Draw out full potential of synergies between institutional equities and other business pillars

- Contribute to developing the organization, as a member of the senior management team

Qualifications & other requirements:


- Bachelor Degree (preferably in Banking, Finance, Accountancy, Economics or Business Administration) or Professional Qualification. Post Graduate Degree is an added advantage. Brokerage Licensing is required

- Minimum of 5-7 years working experience in related fields with minimum 3 years in a senior managerial position.

- Any recognized graduate degree.


- Strategic thinking and analytical skills

- Relationship building/ networking

- Driving change and performance

- Leveraging talent

- Customer centricity

Candidates are invited to submit your application by email to:


OFFICER, PUBLic relatiON, marketing & public relation department

Job Descriptions:

- Accountable for business's overall marketing plan and strategy. Including but not limited to managing online channel, social media marketing, customer outreach strategy or other relevant works as assigned

- Handle overall marketing budget and review marketing campaign outcome

- Responsible for customer segmentation, purchasing habits and needs, as to propose online marketing outreach campaign and customer engagement activities for Maybank Kim Eng Viet Nam

- Provide the advice to enhance user interface and user experience

- Keep abreast of new social media sites, web technologies, and digital marketing trends; implement these new technologies in developing campaigns and update current campaigns to include new information

- Be in-charged of all companies communication including internal & external

- Dealing with enquiries from the public, the press, and related organizations

- Organizing and attending promotional events such as press conferences, open days, exhibitions, tours and visits (if required)

Qualifications & other requirements:

- University Graduate in Marketing/Business/eCommerce or related disciplines with more than 5 years experiences in Digital Marketing.

- Effective communication and interpersonal skills, able to talk to different levels across the company

- Strong analytic, organisation and time management skills

- Proficiency in English and Vietnamese

Candidates are invited to submit your application by email to: 



Job Descriptions:

Customers Services:

  -  Assist customers in procedures of open account, policy of trading.

  -  Provide market information

  -  Assist broker manager in extension of client network. 

 Develop customers:

  -  Contact potential customers.

  -  Recommend customers to attend seminar and training for new and fresh investors.

Performance of administration tasks.

  -  Must be ensuring that daily operating of team is compliance with the regulation.

Qualifications & other requirements:


- Degree in Administration in Business/ Finance/ Marketing.

- Understand about finance, social, political.

-Experience: 1 years (interact and develop customers)


- Presentation and communication skills.

- Ability to work  with pressure (independence and team work)

- Ability to do report of analysis.

- General English in office.

- Computer skill, web surfing (to get information).

 Candidates are invited to submit your application by email to:


BROKER MANAGER, equities department

Job Descriptions:

- Retail market share and business growth:

  • To ensure the retail market share of the department at the period of time as MBKE requirement.
  • To increase the outstanding loans.
  • To ensure the number of new clients and activate them.
  • To do the online business engagement.
  • To develop & retain VIP Clients
  • To hold and join Retail Sales road shows.

- Recruitments of new sales team and improvements of sales channels

  • To recruit new sales members for the team.
  • To train and lead them to reach MBKE target for sales.
  • To manage and support team members for developing their business. 

- Service quality and trading experience

  • To ensure the MBKE services and products for all clients in good channels through sales team.
  • To do the competitor surveys.
  • To discuss with Branch Director about Sales and marketing strategies.
  • To collaborate with Research to hold seminars on technical and fundamental analysis for sales and clients

- Compliance of trading rules

  • To comply the regulations of MBKE Risk management, internal control...
  • To follow the trading rules of HSX, HNX and SSC.

 Qualifications & other requirements:
- Level of Education:

  • A degree in business finance, or equivalent.
  • Degrees of Vietnamese State Securities Commission (basic, law, analysis, brokerage).

- Years of experience:

  • Over 6 years in Vietnamese stock market, also in brokerage system as brokerage manager or team leader. To understand any risk from brokerage activities.

- Other skills:

  • Online share trading systems, back office systems, Client Management systems...
  • Marketing - Strategies, distribution channels, rewards systems, customer experience.
  • Product Development.
  • Presentation and Training.

- Competencies: 

  • Trading requirements
  • Risks management
  • Market intelligence
  • Communications
  • Team management

Candidates are invited to submit your application by email to:


Senior Officer, Compliance DEPARTMENT

Job Descriptions:

Assist to Compliance Manager to develop and implement the compliance framework to ensure the overall supervision of compliance with the relevant regulatory rules, regulations, guidelines; internal policies and procedures as well as the roll out and compliance with the regional guidelines, policies and procedures, including:

- Report and response to regulators as regulations;

- Assist Compliance Manager to  report/ response to Regional/ Management Board on Compliance matters;

- Assist Compliance Manager to implement AML/CFT program within the entity as regulatory requirements;

- Monitor the compliance of internal policies i.e. GPI, WL/RL/BL, Chinese Wall, AML/CFT;

- Conduct trading/market surveillance;

- Review activities of branches;

- Investigate fraud of staff;

- Support on new/enhanced product;

- Disseminate regulatory development/ updates to relevant departments and conduct training if necessary;

- Other tasks assigned by Compliance Manager.

Qualifications & other requirements:

- Graduated university with majoring in Business / Accounting / Auditing or Law;

- Achieving certification on The Basic Knowledge on Securities and Securities Market; and certification on Applicable Laws and Regulation in Securities Industry from the Securities Research and Training Center of The State Securities Commission.

- 3 years experience working for securities company.

Candidates are invited to submit your application by email to: 



Job Descriptions:

-  Verify, allocate, post and reconcile accounts payable and receivable

-  Participate in financial standards setting and in forecast process

-  Provide input into department’s goal setting process

-  Prepare financial statements and produce budget according to schedule

-  Assist with tax audits and tax returns

-  Assist internal and external audits to ensure compliance

-  Support month-end and year-end close process

-  Develop and document business processes and accounting policies to maintain and strengthen internal controls

Qualifications & other requirements: 

-  Thorough knowledge of basic accounting procedures, tax law

-  Familiarity with financial accounting statements

-  Hands-on experience with accounting software packages, like SAP

-  Advanced MS Excel skills

-  Accuracy and attention to detail

-  BS degree in Accounting, Finance or relevant

-  Relevant certification (e.g. Securities trading, Derivatives.) will be preferred

Candidates are invited to submit your application by email to:



Mục đích:

Chương trình đào tạo và phát triển tài năng trẻ của khối Khách Hàng Cá Nhân (KHCN) được xây dựng nhằm mục đích tăng cường khả năng nhận diện thương hiệu MBKE tại thị trường cũng như tạo điều kiện cho sinh viên tại các trường đại học có được những trải nghiệm thực tế tại các công ty chứng khoán để từ đó xây dựng đội ngũ kế thừa tương lai cho ngành chứng khoán của Việt Nam.

Bên cạnh đó, chương trình cũng giúp tìm ra những nhân tài, sinh viên ưu tú thích hợp với nghề chứng khoán để từ đó MBKE sẽ đầu tư đào tạo nhằm mục đích xây dựng đội ngũ trẻ cho Khối KHCN

Đối tượng tiếp nhận:

Sinh viên chính quy đã tốt nghiệp hoặc chuẩn bị tốt nghiệp tại các trường Đại học có chuyên ngành Chứng khoán, Tài chính doanh nghiệp, Quản trị tài chính, Tài chính, Kế toán kiểm toán, Kế toán tài chính.

Chương trình sẽ tập trung vào các đối tượng sinh viên năm thứ 3 và thứ 4, có học lực từ Khá Giỏi trở lên (điểm trung bình từ 7.0 trở lên), có niềm đam mê với nghề chứng khoán

Số lượng:
Sinh viên dự kiến tiếp nhận:  30 sinh viên

Quyền lợi: Được đào tạo bởi các chuyên gia và được tiếp cận thực tế công việc 

Thời gian tiếp nhận: Thời gian nhận hồ sơ thực tập: từ ngày 01/01/2020 đến 31/12/2020.

Lưu ý:

Ứng viên quan tâm vui lòng gởi thư xin việc qua email: 

Địa điểm làm việc : Tầng 4A, tòa nhà Vincom, 72 Lê Thánh Tôn, Quận 1, Hồ Chí Minh





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